Talk Creative
Talk Creative
Helping purpose-led businesses communicate the messages that matter most.

Talk and things happen.
Stories get told.
Challenges get solved.
Connections are made.


Talk and new thoughts take shape.
Ideas are formed.
New ideas. Bolder ideas.


Talk and plans change.
New directions appear.
The unclear can become crystal.

Listening. That’s important too.
We say it’s the most important…
but it all starts with talk..…


Talk Creative is the brainchild of two vibrant, fun, experienced individuals, Claire Mance and Jess Deacon. They made the decision to work together to provide delightful, strategic design and communication services - with a digital twist - to help purpose-led businesses thrive.

Jess Deacon - Wondrous Wordsmith

To put it simply, I am passionate about communication.

I am driven by an interest in human interaction through the use of language and this is what inspired me to complete a degree in Linguistics and Communications. These days I call myself a wondrous wordsmith because I love to write.... and write...and write some more. I revel in finding the right voice for brands and I write meaningful messages that support clients' projects and journeys.

Communication is also what I seek to achieve as a singer and performer, something that I am equally passionate about, and which sees me sharing music on my own and with my bands, too.

This is why I do what I do.

Claire Mance - Managing Director

I like to talk….that’s for sure. But mostly I’m an avid listener and a deep thinker who gets excited about purpose driven work.

My 15+ years of experience sets me up to work strategically across your business, and my passion lies in crafting brand strategies, meaningful communications and working up the channels that carry them both.

My focus on growing the business is driven by my ambition for social impact and community-based outcomes. As well as working directly with our clients, I work behind the scenes to create partnerships that allow us to counteract loneliness amongst our elderly and participation amongst our youth.

This is why I do what I do.