Working for wellbeing.

I consider the Kapiti Coast to be my home.

When my extended family moved to the Coast some 10 years ago, our family summers were spent in the garden over a good old kiwi barbecue and cold cans of (non-crafty) beer.

When my mother upped sticks and landed in Raumati Beach, furthermore, Kapiti became my retreat from the hustle of the city and the bustle of my career path.

A little over 2 years ago, I too bought my first home with my husband in Raumati South and our life by the beach with our furry four-legged friends began.

Kapiti is much more than a beach-side community.

The Kapiti Coast is a growing hub for local businesses, large and small. Close-knit in nature, the culture and values there seem to underpin my own the more I settle on in.

Sustainability, adventure, diversity and mental and physical wellness all have their place. So it suits me to want to do business on the Coast, to thrive amongst these already thriving businesses and potential peers.

Don’t be mistaken, I am a city gal at heart. I love my frequent jaunts into central CBD and I feel pinch-myself grateful to work alongside Shadoe Stone in my part-time role with five and dime. We prop each other up on the daily and challenge one another to grow, think bigger, refine our own thinking. But, creating purpose projects closer to home was also in minds-eye for me, and so, the brainchild of Talk. was born.

Talk. and things happen. Stories get told. Connections are made.

Talk. is about working for wellbeing. It's about connection and communication and supporting all the good humans who work tirelessly for the wellbeing of others.

The underlying driver behind doing what we do is that there must be some form of outcome related to the work that supports wellbeing. It's that simple. I’m particularity passionate about mental health and wellness but wellbeing, for me, truly is about finding your own sense of identity and belonging in life. And I feel like I have found my own purpose in using communication, design and leadership to support others in delivering to theirs.

Boutique in nature, Talk. intends to be committed to local outcomes on the Kapiti Coast.

While we're off to an exciting start, there is work to be done. And the continued business planning in support of such outcomes is a firm goal of my own over the course of the next 4 weeks, while I travel the world to restore my own wellbeing through fresh lived experiences and new perspectives. After all, how could I lead and grow a business in support of wellbeing if I didn’t feel particularly thriving myself?

I look forward to connecting with likeminded leaders and wellbeing advocates in Kapiti as the year 2019 rolls on, in the hope that we can achieve community-based outcomes, together.